Smoking In The Bathroom


Brooke Haze has a smoking habit that conflicts with school rules.  When Mr. Thomas catches her smoking in the bathroom for the third time, he feels compelled to do something more than just talking to her.  This young girl is facing another suspension, but Mr. Thomas suggests another form of intervention be attempted before informing the principal.  He brings Miss Haze back to his office and instructs her to remove her shoes; slowly wiggler her toes and scrunch her soles.  When he begins sucking her young toes, Brooke is shocked, but compliant.  When the disciplinarian places his engorged cock between her slender soles, Brooke jumps in surprise.  He instructs her not to resist and promises to protect her if she goes along with it.  Her sexy little feet have Mr. Thomas too worked to stop at this point.  After aggressively sole fucking this beauty, he instructs her to take an active role by stroking his cock with her soles and toes.  When he can hold back no more, he spurts a huge load onto the tender youthful arches of a submissive Brooke Haze.

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